I’m headed to Houston this weekend for some much needed time with my boyfriend, the great outdoors (a.k.a. the POOL), and some socializing with drink-in-hand. As long as the rain holds off (PLEASE!!), I plan to spend all weekend outside working on a tan. Seriously, y’all – I have never been this pale in my life. The 9-6 workday is killing me. Anyways…

I so look forward to the lazy summer months – some of my favorite memories involve get-togethers that start in the afternoon and last well into the night. I don’t need much more than good friends, a pool, and a pitcher of these (or this). However, being the avid shopper that I am, I can’t help but look (and lust) once the summer stuff hits stores.

I’m on a million different email lists – everything from Sur la Table to Neiman Marcus – and as soon as Easter was over, I began to be bombarded with emails full of adorable summer accessories for outdoor entertaining. I don’t have a house yet, but when I do, I would like to think that my backyard will be an entertainer’s dream, something Southern Living will want to put on the cover of their June issue…until then, I’ll just shop and plan…sigh.

These are some of the things I’m loving right now. I think any one of them (or combo of them) would be a perfect complement to any patio party.

1. Kaleidoscope Outdoor Entertaining Set | 2. Outdoor Straws | 3. Porch Parties by Denise Gee | 4. Hourglass Beverage Jar and Hanging Beverage Jar Sign | 5. Acrylic Flatware