I kind of pride myself on my baking abilities. Most attempts are fairly successful, but there’s one thing I haven’t been able to master – the birthday cake. At some point I even relinquished control and let my mom and sister give it a whirl. We’ve ALL tried, and we’ve failed more times than I care to discuss. And quite frankly, I know the reason why. There’s a bakery in Houston, where we lived for 13 years, that makes the MOST AMAZING cake and buttercream icing that you will ever have. Period. (This is not up for debate.) For those 13 blissful years, we had perfect, dense, moist, sweet cake at each birthday.

When we moved from Houston to Austin three years ago, we contemplated driving back and forth to pick up our birthday cakes, but ultimately decided it was silly. We resolved to either make our own cakes, or find a bakery here. Like I said, we tried…but now my boyfriend drives the cakes over from Houston. True story, y’all. (I can’t make these things up.)

These cakes have kind of become a part of our family – we have literally celebrated EVERY major occasion with them for the past 15 years (with just a slight, misguided intermission). And just look at the joy these cakes bring. Here’s Robin at her high school graduation…

And here’s me, at my last birthday…(And yes, that is Hedwig, Harry Potter’s owl, on my cake. Because apparently, vampires aren’t the only mythical characters I have a thing for.)

And for my mom’s last birthday, we (appropriately) commissioned a garden cake. Keep in mind, this was right after my mom decided to throw away all of our prepackaged food and join a CSA. Were we poking fun a little bit? Yes. (I guess the joke’s on us – welcome to our blog!)

So this past weekend, as is tradition, we celebrated my mom’s birthday with a picnic dinner and RJ Goodies cake at Shakespeare at Winedale.

BUT, today is her real birthday. So, Momma, on your birthday, we want you to know that we love you so very much! We hope your day is fabulous – if anyone deserves it, you do. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Love…Ellen, Robin, Sean (and dad, who took the pic).

PS – RJ Goodies (although they know us by first name) did not have anything to do with this blog post. We simply love them that much. Although, if someone from the bakery is reading this, we would never say no to free dessert…