I’ve been in Ireland for a full month (I couldn’t stay away after being here all last summer!), and I’ve been dying to share some of my Irish food wisdom! Stayed tuned because over the next few weeks I’ll be filling you in on all my favorite Irish foods and the best places to find them.

Since my last visit to Ireland I have been craving Bangers and Mash. For some reason no one in the states, or at least in Austin, has mastered the art of this delectable sausage dish. I know you’re wondering how a couple of sausages and mashed potatoes can taste so good, but you haven’t had real bangers and mash until you’ve eaten it in Ireland, particularly at Nude.

I stumbled upon this restaurant during one of my many mad searches to find “healthy” organic food in Dublin. My roommates thought I was crazy, but I was determined to prove to them how yummy organic eating really was! Enter Nude’s Bangers and Mash.

The sausages are delicious (you can choose between four flavors), and they sit on top of either plain or cheese mash (mashed potatoes). Then the whole bowl is covered in the tastiest onion gravy I have ever had. And I don’t even like onions! My favorite combination is plain sausage with cheese mash.

Even if Bangers and Mash isn’t your thing, I have yet to try something on their menu that I don’t love. Their sandwiches, baked potatoes, stews, and smoothies are all delicious, and I hear their fair trade organic coffee is fantastic.

Situated right off Grafton Street, this little lime café serves up delicious food on a college girl’s budget. Nude definitely lands at the top of my list.