My mom arrived in Dublin a few days ago, all in a frenzy I must add. I hadn’t really realized how calm and relaxed I have become since I got here, but the Irish culture is so much slower than our “gotta be going every minute of every day” way of life. So needless to say it took some adjusting! But in the spirit of everything Irish, and to satisfy my mom’s intense need for a cup of coffee, I took her out to my favorite Saturday afternoon activity: the Dublin Farmers Market.

Every Saturday local Dublin vendors come to Meeting House Square for the weekly farmers market. Fresh organic fruits and veggies from Ireland, France, Holland and Spain share space with fair trade coffee, crepes, cheeses, pork sandwiches, lamb kebobs, smoothies, oysters and fresh baked bread.

There is however one food I have become particularly attached to: sausage rolls. For the last three Saturdays I have awakened with a single thought: “sausage rolls for breakfast”! The Cake Eater Bakery is one of the many vendors at the farmers market and in my opinion, they make the best!

Unfortunately our European kitchen can in no way support the large quantities of produce my mother wanted to buy.  While I insisted that carrots, oranges, purple kohlrabi and Irish sausages would not all fit in the fridge, we did agree on a box of fresh Wicklow strawberries, which have served as a great snack after work!

More amazing food to come; we have a bus to catch for Galway! Happy fourth of July from the Emerald Isle!