Fact 1: When we started blogging, most of our kitchen utensils were pretty lame. They got the job done, but they definitely weren’t worthy of having their picture taken.

Fact 2: The three of us have a bit of a complex – it’s called perfectionism. Meaning, if we’re going to do something, we’re not going to do it halfway. It’s going to be our very best; right down to the kitchen utensils in the picture.

Fact 3: Ur dad (as my mom calls him) was all about the food blog, until it started costing him money. Phrases like, “We already have a spatula – I don’t understand why you need a new one” were thrown around quite a lot at the beginning. And, “because this one’s cuter” was usually not an acceptable answer.

Fact 4: The three of us together are kind of a force. My dad never really stood a chance. Slowly but surely we upgraded most of our kitchen stuff to a “cuter” version. (To be fair, I think some of our mixing bowls were wedding gifts from when my parents got married, i.e., they were older than me.)

We’re not currently in the market for any new bowls, but I’ve thought about buying each of the above on multiple occasions. I mean really – mini mixing bowls for prep? Adorable. Those ceramic bowls would be a perfect complement to my Fiestaware. And don’t even get me started on that set of rose bowls – the picture possibilities! (They may still be mine someday…soon.)

Prep: Non-Slip Mini Prep Bowls from Crate&Barrel | Mix: Multicolor Ceramic 7-Piece Mixing Bowl Set from Williams-Sonoma | Serve: 4-Piece Rose Bowl Set from Zak!