Welcome to our journey. We are three women surviving cooking, shopping, life and each other, all while residing in the same town!

The design and concept for Like Mother Like Daughters begins with our real-life mom, Nancy, a home cook who has been putting a valid homemade meal on the table every night from then until forever. When she left the corporate world behind many years ago, she poured every bit of that focus and energy into raising her children – she was determined to find a better way, you might say…

Oldest daughter, Ellen, now a corporate working girl in her own right, is the baker in the family, and best known around the office for those intriguing smells coming from her lunchbox…no deli counters for this gal. Ruined by mom forever for generic takeout food, her desire is to dine on the yummiest and freshest food out there, albeit usually with a cookie on the side…

Close behind is college daughter, Robin, a girl intent on mastering the art of delicious meals using few ingredients and even fewer dollars. Although known by her roommates for a towering stack of leftover containers from home, she pushes ahead undaunted with a full produce drawer in the refrigerator and the free spirit of one who knows she can cook something amazing and on budget when she really needs to…

Although the three of us are all very different women, there is one culinary conclusion that we have all reached – It is worth cooking good fresh food because of the enormous well being it provides! But we know there are obstacles out there…

Maybe no one ever cooked for you. Our mom has been there.

Maybe you don’t see the point of fussing in the kitchen. Our college girl knows your pain.

Maybe cooking is something you know adult people do. And you are ready to be an adult person. Our working girl walks this path.

For us, cooking has become the most basic way of caring for ourselves and others. Feed the belly, feed the soul, or something like that… We respectfully propose there is a part of our being that is validated only after we begin cooking for ourselves.

We are here to share with you our experiences along the way. Allow us to encourage you that cooking for yourself will prove to be a journey worth taking!

A Few Housekeeping Facts About Ur Mom

It’s not all about organic, but maybe a little,

It’s not all about eating local, but maybe we try,

It’s not all about mysterious ingredients, but sometimes we use ‘em,

It’s not all about always being healthy, but usually we are,

It’s not all about blaming someone else for our diet, but maybe we have…

But wait – Life’s not about the NOT.

It IS about a happier healthier habit of buying, cooking and enjoying good food you prepare all by yourself!

It IS about developing a love of cooking that keeps you coming back to the stove for more even when the days get busy!

It IS about discovering an intensely satisfying way of caring for yourself and others by sitting around a table eating something yummy and homemade!

We know this is possible because our mom found a way to do it, and now she is helping us learn how to do it too.  We started with one meal a week, sitting down to eat together – knowing what we were eating – and we OWNED that plate of food.

You can do it too.  Cuz Ur Mom says:  Eat What U Like But Make It Urself!